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How Manhood Health is Affected by Vitamin B5


John Dugan

It’s no surprise that maintaining manhood health is a goal for so many men. After all, whether concerned with urinary function or sensual activity, a healthy manhood is crucial for a man. There are numerous steps a man can take to help insure better manhood health, and one of those steps involves getting sufficient vitamin B5.

What is it?

Also called pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 is one of the 8 B vitamins that make up what is commonly called the B complex vitamins. (Surprisingly, those 8 vitamins are not B1 through B8; they are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12.) All of these B-variants are used in the conversion of food into energy, but each also has its own particular functions. For example, B2 (also called riboflavin) is an antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals.

Vitamin B5’s other name, pantothenic acid, is a clue to where it can be obtained. Panto comes from a Greek word meaning from everywhere, and that’s appropriate because vitamin B5 is found in a wide range of foods albeit often in very small amounts. Also, vitamin B5 is best obtained from non-processed foods. When a food that is rich in B5 is processed, most of the B5 is diminished.

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Although it is rare for an individual to experience a clinically significant form of vitamin B5 deficiency, many people still need to get more B5 on a regular basis.

Manhood health benefits

So what are some of the manhood-specific benefits that vitamin B5 bestows on a man? Well, for one thing it helps to make the manhood look much healthier. Pantothenic acid is proven to be effective in promoting skin health and care. This essential vitamin helps to moisturize the skin; a manhood that sports dry, cracked male organ skin is not a manhood that is attractive to potential mates. Some scientists believe that B5 actually pulls moisture from the air into the skin, which is not the case with most hydrators.

In addition, many dermatologists recommend B5 as part of acne-fighting treatments, which is good news for those times when a pimple shows up unexpectedly on the manhood. Part of its effectiveness in this area stems from an ability to regulate the production of oil from glands.


But B5 has value to the manhood beyond its effect on manhood skin. All men are aware of the key role that androgen plays in a man’s life. It has a significant impact on a guy’s sensuality and male function. And androgen production can be seriously affected by vitamin B5 levels.

And more

But B5 also is important to male organ function in other ways. For example, it helps to build stamina, and greater stamina is necessary for longer bouts of sensual activity. By the same token, it helps to reduce stress, and lower stress levels are associated with more satisfactory romantic activity for most men.

Healthy blood also contributes to male function, and B5 is part of the process by which red blood cells are created. It also helps reduce cholesterol and fight high blood pressure, benefits which also affect male organ functioning.

While vitamin B5 is clearly important for manhood health, it’s important to make sure that men don’t rely upon diet alone for enough pantothenic acid. Applying a vitamin B5-rich manhood health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) topically helps to deliver the benefits directly to the manhood itself. Those benefits have been spelled out above; but using a crme that also contains vitamins A, C and E increases the level of that benefit. Studies have shown that vitamin B5 is even more effective when applied in tandem with these vitamins and also with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid. The proper manhood health crme can be a boon for delivering B5 in the most effective way possible.

Visit for additional information on most common manhood health issues, tips on improving manhood sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy manhood. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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A Look Into Home Additions In Boulder

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Submitted by: Joe R. Maldonado

Making estimates for home additions in Boulder is a very complicated business. There are many things that should be taken into account before being able to give a price. Home contractors often try to be as accurate as possible, but in reality many things can alter the final cost of your project. From simple things like the quality of the materials you are going to use to more extensive modifications that might be needed if the original structure is going to be redesigned.

Furthermore, the wishes of the client are a very influential variable that will usually modify the costs; what kind of floor would you like? Would you prefer a top of the line kitchen or simpler and more affordable appliances? Home contractors may be able to give you a rough estimate, but as construction goes on several situations will arise changing the initial estimate. Research and consultations will give you a more accurate estimate.

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Consulting different building professionals such as engineers, architects or designers might give you the opportunity to make a more precise estimate. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, it is highly probable that these people will give you the insight you need to choose between materials, designs and appliances. They can analyze your wishes and will give you many suggestions so you can choose from a wide variety of options. Thankfully they can usually fit your needs within your budget. As a result, you are getting a detailed plan for your construction, which will include high quality solutions. In addition, such professionals can point you towards other people in the business, so every detail in your project will be covered, from building permits to eco-friendly technology.

Nevertheless, it is very important to remember that building estimates are not written into stone. Prepare yourself to be flexible. Nobody can predict the future, and in the building business there is a very high probability that you will end up paying a little bit more for home additions in Boulder. Unexpected situations, which could not be calculated within the original estimate, could arise when remodeling. Because of that, it is a very good idea to compare different bids from home contractors. Once you have narrowed down your options, make sure that you have the best offers you can get. Weeding out higher or lower bids can save you a lot of money.

Finally, choosing the right home contractor is a crucial thing. Research your options and weigh their experience, background, areas of expertise and personnel. Almost every company that qualifies itself as good has a website. Online data can be very enlightening, as they usually keep a record of their previous projects and you will probably be able to see and compare their memberships and credentials.

Certifications and awards are highly desirable. If you want to expand your research, try asking some of their clients about their own experience with the company. Nothing speaks more about a company than real life testimonials. In the end, whether you have a small or a large budget, having an accurate estimate is the best thing when doing home additions in Boulder.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

In the past few days in Italy, several municipalities have started asking religious schools to pay taxes for property and local services, despite the resistance of the Catholic Church.

The request of the municipalities results from the sentence of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation on July 8, recognising as legitimate the request of the Municipality of Livorno asking religious schools to pay property taxes.

Requests have come from the Municipality of Bogliasco, next to Genova, and from the deputies of Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S) of the regional counsel of Lombardy. The first case is of the mayor Luca Pastorino that in last years received several refusals of his requests for payment because of the religious nursery school and retirement home. In the second case, the M5S party asks to the regional government to assure the local administrations of the region regularly apply the sentence of the Supreme Court.

The case on which the Court has ruled was of the religious schools Santo Spirito and Immacolata in Livorno, Tuscany, to pay over 422,000 euros in arrears for the period from 2004 to 2009. The request was advanced by the Municipality of Livorno in 2010.

The city reasoned, “because the users of the private schools pay a frequency fee, this kind of activity is considered as a commercial one”((it)).

In 2014 the Italian municipal tax discipline has changed from the ICI system to the IMU system by the Monti government. A mean cost per student criterion is used to tax only the schools that receive a fee higher than the mean cost per student fixed by the State. The new law is not retroactive, so the taxes requested in arrears from 2006 to 2009 are under the ICI system.

Minister of Education Stefania Giannini said a “more general reflection”((it)) is needed. Claudio De Vincenti, undersecretary to the prime minister, said “a discussion table will be opened with the non-profit associations, religious association included”((it)).

Undersecretary for Education Mr. Toccafondi says “many schools will increase their fees or they will quit. Then the State will have to find new resources to build new structures and manage them”((it)).

Also the president of the Lombardy region, Roberto Maroni, has reacted by proposing some regional counter-measures to finance private schools.

The secretary general of CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference), Nunzio Galantino, has called the sentence “dangerous”((it)) and “ideological”((it)): “We face a dangerous sentence. Who takes the decisions, do it with less ideology. Because I have the clear sensation that with this way of thinking, they wait the praise of some ideologized supporters. Indeed, they don’t understand what kind of good service private schools held”((it)).

Italian secularist associations are concerned the Government will modify the law in order to maintain an exception for religious schools. The secularist magazine MicroMega describe the court’s judgement as historic.

The Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (UAAR) has launched a petition which now has more than 11,000 signatures, asking the government to respect and execute the sentence of the Supreme Court. It is also encouraging citizens to ask for application of the law in their local municipalities.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Floods in the eastern state of Orissa in India have left 16 dead. Over 180,000 people have been evacuated to safer places, while hundreds of others have taken shelter on national highway and cyclone shelters. The flood, described as the worst since 1982 by officials, has marooned 191 villages. The rising Mahanadi river over flowed at Mundali along 28 breaches to inundate and cut off several villages.

A total of 1.5 million people living in 17 out of 30 districts of Orissa have been affected. Crop areas of over 2,470 square kilometers have been inundated. Cuttack, Kendrapara, Puri and Jagatsinghpur districts are worst affected. All major state rivers and their tributaries are flowing above the danger level due to the heavy monsoon rains.

The new flooding comes just weeks after Kosi river that flows from Nepal to India, burst its embankment and submerged nearly 1,000 villages in the neighboring state of Bihar in the north, killing at least 48 people and driving more than a million others from their homes. “The worst is yet to come,” said Benudhar Dash, Additional Relief Commissioner of Orissa.

News briefs:June 9, 2010

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By Oliver Wingrove

If you are facing repossession on your home you have few choices to save it which include selling your home. If you decide to sell through a real estate agent you will need to move out of your home which can be a problem. Do not worry there are other options which include using a special company which buys homes and will mean a quick and easy sale for you and the opportunity to stay in your home. These companies also offer you the option of buying your home back at a later date.

If this seems like a good option for you and your family you can fill out an easy form online and receive a quote over the phone within one business day. This quote will tell you roughly what the company would be willing to buy your home for. If this sounds agreeable a representative of the company can come to your home and give you a written quote and answer any questions you may have. When you speak to the representative he will discuss with you how much rent would be if you wished to stay in your home and details of buying back your home once you are back on your financial feet. Every deal is tailored to the needs of the client and will depend on different factors. The only way to find out the details is to make a no obligation request for a quote.

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This is a serious proposition and you should carefully weigh the benefits and the drawbacks of such a contract. If however you want to stay in your home this is an excellent way to do so and should be counted as a major benefit of such a plan. One of the drawbacks of this plan is that you will not get one hundred percent of your homes value in the sale but you will have a quick and easy sale without paying fees to an estate agent. Fees for estate agents can be a large percent of the sale and a sale through this method is not guaranteed. If you are facing repossession time is not on your side.

If you decide that this type of sale is right for you a specialized buy to rent back company can buy your home and have the deal go through within a couple of weeks. This is important if you are facing immanent repossession and the company can even work with your mortgage lender to have repossession stopped while the deal is being brokered. This can help even if you are already going to court with your lender or are facing an eviction notice. It is in the best interests of you and your lender to go down this path and this may be enough to keep you in your home. The key however to this kind of deal and avoiding eviction and repossession is to get started as soon as possible. Time is a factor and these companies will do all they can to make sure your deal goes through in a timely manner and keeps your home from being repossessed.

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See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list.Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NAICU has created a list of colleges and universities accepting and/or offering assistance to displace faculty members. [1]Wednesday, September 7, 2005

This list is taken from Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students, and is intended to make searching easier for faculty, graduate, and professional students.

In addition to the list below, the Association of American Law Schools has compiled a list of law schools offering assistance to displaced students. [2] As conditions vary by college, interested parties should contact the Office of Admissions at the school in question for specific requirements and up-to-date details.

The Association of American Medical Colleges is coordinating alternatives for medical students and residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina. [3] is acting as a central interactive hub for establishing research support in times of emergency. With so many scientists affected by Hurricane Katrina, ResCross is currently focused on providing information to identify sources of emergency support as quickly as possible. [4]

With so many scientists affected by Hurricane Katrina, ResCross is currently focused on providing information to identify sources of emergency support as quickly as possible.

Physics undergraduates, grad students, faculty and high school teachers can be matched up with housing and jobs at universities, schools and industry. [5] From the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Society of Physics Students, the American Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society.

If you are seeking or providing assistance, please use this site to find information on research support, available lab space/supplies, resources, guidelines and most importantly to communicate with fellow researchers.

The following is a partial list, sorted by location.

Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming | Canada

Friday, November 25, 2011

U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate Darcy Richardson of Florida took some time to answer a few questions from Wikinews reporter William S. Saturn.

Richardson, 55, is a political activist that helped form the New Democrats in 1989 and founded the progressive Battleground Blog earlier this year. He is also a political historian, and has authored six books covering third parties and presidential elections, including A Nation Divided: The 1968 Presidential Campaign (2002). His current work, The Spirit of ’76: Eugene McCarthy’s Struggle for Open Politics, chronicles the late Democratic Senator Eugene McCarthy’s 1976 presidential campaign for which he volunteered. Richardson admires McCarthy, and served as manager for his 1988 presidential run. Recently, Richardson advised Brian Moore’s Socialist Party USA presidential campaign in 2008.

In addition, Richardson himself has sought political office, albeit unsuccessfully. In 1980, he ran for Pennsylvania Auditor General, and in 1988, vied for one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seats as a member of the Consumer Party. Last year, he ran for Lieutenant Governor of Florida as the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari.

Richardson has criticized President Barack Obama’s policies for being too similar to those of former President George W. Bush. He hoped to convince several prominent progressives to challenge Obama in the Democratic primaries, but none were available to do so. Last month, Richardson decided to begin a campaign himself and announced through his Battleground Blog that he would challenge Obama in the Democratic Party primaries as a progressive candidate. So far, he has qualified for the New Hampshire primary in January and the Missouri primary in February. In an interview with the Independent Political Report, Richardson proclaimed his campaign slogan as “no fourth term for George W. Bush.”


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Thursday, September 8, 2005

The Independent Inquiry Committee’s report on the overall management and oversight of the UN’s Oil-for-Food Programme has concluded that the United Nations requires stronger executive leadership, thorough administrative reform, and more reliable controls and auditing.

The Programme included more than $103 billion in transactions (over $64 billion in oil sales and almost $39 billion for food).

Responsibility for what went wrong with the Programme is assigned to the UN Secretariat, members of the Security Council, its 661 Committee, and the Iraqi regime. In a change from past practice, the Security Council had retained substantial elements of administrative control through its 661 Committee. This caused neither the Secretariat leadership nor the Security Council to be in overall control.

There was reluctance of both the Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General to recognize their own responsibility for the Programme’s shortcomings and they failed to ensure that critical evidence was brought to the attention of the Security Council and the 661 Committee. They only made minimal efforts to address sanctions violations with Iraqi officials, and both failed to provide oversight of the Programme’s Executive Director, Benon Sevan.

As the Programme expanded and continued, Saddam Hussein found ways and means of turning it to his own advantage, primarily through demands for surcharges and kickbacks from companies doing business with the Programme. For UN agencies, the work went beyond their core competencies of overseeing the distribution of humanitarian goods—from monitoring, planning, and consulting—to infrastructure rebuilding, thus multiplying problems. Nor was there much success in coordinating so large a program among UN Agencies accustomed to zealously defending their institutional autonomy.

There were Iraqi attempts to pass money to former Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, principally through an Iraqi-American businessman, Samir Vincent, and a Korean lobbyist, Tongsun Park. The Committee has determined that well over $1 million was paid to Mr. Vincent and Mr. Park. However, the Committee has not found evidence that Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali received or agreed to receive monies from Mr. Park and Mr. Vincent.

The report recommended better oversight and management, financial disclosure by more UN staff, and that UN agencies should return up to $50 million in excess compensation secured as a result of work performed under Security Council Resolution 1483.

The Committee’s Chairman, Paul A Volcker, stated, “The inescapable conclusion from the Committee’s work is that the United Nations Organization needs thoroughgoing reform—and it needs it urgently. What is important—what has been recognized by one investigation after another—is that real change must take place, and change over a wide area. Clear benchmarks for measuring progress must be set. The General Assembly should insist, in its forthcoming meeting, that key reforms be put in place no later than the time of its regular meeting in 2006. To settle for less, to permit delay and dilution, would be to invite failure. It would, in reality, further erode public support, undercut effectiveness, and dishonor the ideals upon which the United Nations is built.”

He added, “Before concluding its work, the Committee also intends a more comprehensive listing of firms participating in the Programme, either in the purchase of oil or the sale of humanitarian goods, as well as a more detailed analysis of the manner in which Iraq and its vendors and oil purchasers unlawfully manipulated the Programme.”

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Submitted by: Scott W Zlateff

To begin this article, I want to make it apparent that I am not affiliated with Elur in any way. I just make it my business to know what is happening in the industry at all times. I have been in network marketing for more than nine years and a short time ago have been helping fellow networkers learn and understand how to leverage the internet with their opportunity while attaining additional streams of income in the course of building a business.

Myself, along with many friends, have experienced what it’s like to begin building towards your dreams only to have it taken away without any fault of our own. So it’s my goal here to provide all former Elur reps with value and a positive, healthy dose of awakening juice.

Elur has had a tough road in getting launched. Problems stated from the company about manufacturing dilemmas, prolonged the launch date until it was finally announced that Elur was finished. All Elur reps were left with was a heart-felt message from founder Dan Maltasis announcing “Elur would be postponing its launch indefinitely.”

YouTube Preview Image

Now, all distributors in Elur are without an opportunity which is why it is critically important to understand how to build an empire the right way in the twenty first century. You see all the top marketers leverage the internet to not only speed up the process of sponsoring new people but brand you individually as a leader.

By using technology a rep can have hundreds of people on the internet all watching the same perfect presentation on complete auto-pilot, while someone using conventional strategies can only reach a few. Now I have seen many different forms of content on the internet about Elur but that’s not a form of content that works effectively. I’m not talking about company replicated sites or the same presentation from an actor, company president, or spokes person who’s not in the game.

If you appear on the internet just talking about your company and your products you end up looking like another person pedaling stuff. And I mean no disrespect to anyone who conducts their business in that way because I know I was once there too. But that was before I stopped listening to my upline in my previous company and started realizing what people really want.

You see, there are very few… and by a few I mean two, companies that I know of where a person actually joins because of the products. Most of the time, people don’t join because of the company, the products, or the compensation plan. They join because of you. Let me say that again… people don’t join a company they join YOU. The fact that the company has great products and a killer comp plan only seals the deal.

Don’t you find it interesting that some people can join just about any company and in a heartbeat they’re making 6 figures. Do you think they are just lucky or is it something else? That person has branded themselves as a leader among a group of people that is built on trust and helping every single person on that team. That person has built a following that will seldom die because people just want to be a part of what they are doing.

Yes, you need to look at the leadership, the history, the comp plan, the timing in the market, the product and especially the competition in your niche market, to make sure that what has just happened with Elur does not happen again. In fact with my company I encourage every person I talk with to get all their questions answered because if the company you promote just makes sense to join, you don’t have to hide anything. And all of these factors are important to learn about before joining a company. I mean, seriously if you join a company that is marketing VCRs, you are probably not going to do very well. But the first initial attraction to an opportunity typically comes from an individual or a TEAM which a person can be a part of.

So with this unfortunate incident comes an opportunity to learn how to build a strong business in the twenty first century. If you can become skilled at building a business the right way, you will always have an opportunity because it’s not based on the company or the products. The opportunity is to be in business with YOU. You have the ability and skill set to get done what is needed. You have the ability to call people and have them join because of your influence. YOU have what it takes to succeed in this industry and as long as you have this attitude it doesn’t matter what company you are with… you will always succeed.

About the Author: Elur Worldwide MLM… a disappointing day for everyone int this company. But for some who understand when one door closes another is open, can move forward into prosperity. To build your own following using a simple, step by step, powerful formula visit


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