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Submitted by: Scott W Zlateff

To begin this article, I want to make it apparent that I am not affiliated with Elur in any way. I just make it my business to know what is happening in the industry at all times. I have been in network marketing for more than nine years and a short time ago have been helping fellow networkers learn and understand how to leverage the internet with their opportunity while attaining additional streams of income in the course of building a business.

Myself, along with many friends, have experienced what it’s like to begin building towards your dreams only to have it taken away without any fault of our own. So it’s my goal here to provide all former Elur reps with value and a positive, healthy dose of awakening juice.

Elur has had a tough road in getting launched. Problems stated from the company about manufacturing dilemmas, prolonged the launch date until it was finally announced that Elur was finished. All Elur reps were left with was a heart-felt message from founder Dan Maltasis announcing “Elur would be postponing its launch indefinitely.”

YouTube Preview Image

Now, all distributors in Elur are without an opportunity which is why it is critically important to understand how to build an empire the right way in the twenty first century. You see all the top marketers leverage the internet to not only speed up the process of sponsoring new people but brand you individually as a leader.

By using technology a rep can have hundreds of people on the internet all watching the same perfect presentation on complete auto-pilot, while someone using conventional strategies can only reach a few. Now I have seen many different forms of content on the internet about Elur but that’s not a form of content that works effectively. I’m not talking about company replicated sites or the same presentation from an actor, company president, or spokes person who’s not in the game.

If you appear on the internet just talking about your company and your products you end up looking like another person pedaling stuff. And I mean no disrespect to anyone who conducts their business in that way because I know I was once there too. But that was before I stopped listening to my upline in my previous company and started realizing what people really want.

You see, there are very few… and by a few I mean two, companies that I know of where a person actually joins because of the products. Most of the time, people don’t join because of the company, the products, or the compensation plan. They join because of you. Let me say that again… people don’t join a company they join YOU. The fact that the company has great products and a killer comp plan only seals the deal.

Don’t you find it interesting that some people can join just about any company and in a heartbeat they’re making 6 figures. Do you think they are just lucky or is it something else? That person has branded themselves as a leader among a group of people that is built on trust and helping every single person on that team. That person has built a following that will seldom die because people just want to be a part of what they are doing.

Yes, you need to look at the leadership, the history, the comp plan, the timing in the market, the product and especially the competition in your niche market, to make sure that what has just happened with Elur does not happen again. In fact with my company I encourage every person I talk with to get all their questions answered because if the company you promote just makes sense to join, you don’t have to hide anything. And all of these factors are important to learn about before joining a company. I mean, seriously if you join a company that is marketing VCRs, you are probably not going to do very well. But the first initial attraction to an opportunity typically comes from an individual or a TEAM which a person can be a part of.

So with this unfortunate incident comes an opportunity to learn how to build a strong business in the twenty first century. If you can become skilled at building a business the right way, you will always have an opportunity because it’s not based on the company or the products. The opportunity is to be in business with YOU. You have the ability and skill set to get done what is needed. You have the ability to call people and have them join because of your influence. YOU have what it takes to succeed in this industry and as long as you have this attitude it doesn’t matter what company you are with… you will always succeed.

About the Author: Elur Worldwide MLM… a disappointing day for everyone int this company. But for some who understand when one door closes another is open, can move forward into prosperity. To build your own following using a simple, step by step, powerful formula visit


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Friday, November 21, 2008 

One week after the eleventh-hour renewal of the American soap opera Days of our Lives, NBC, the network airing the series in the United States, has let it known that the renewal has come at a price, namely a lower one. As a result of further cost-cutting measures to keep the show afloat through September 2010, two of the longest-running actors on the serial have had their contracts severed.

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, who have played the characters of Marlena Evans and John Black for decades, have taped their final episodes and have been officially released from their obligations at Days of our Lives. When contacted by Wikinews, Days publicist Daniela Mancinelli commented “Days of our Lives has decided to rest the characters of ‘John Black’ and ‘Marlena Evans.’ After a year of separation, ‘John’ and ‘Marlena’ will finally reunite before exiting the canvas in early 2009.”

The surprise renewal of the serial and the high-profile terminations come at an awkward time for the show, because, despite improving on ratings numbers this year and being the only soap opera not to lose viewers, it was highly expected that the series would simply end its run once its contract ran out in March of next year. In early 2007, at a fall preview unveiling for reporters, NBC president Jeff Zucker made a statement indicating that the show would not be renewed past 2009.

The renewal was apparently contingent on lowering overall budget numbers, which includes either lowering salaries for actors or terminating them completely. One actor, Jay Kenneth Johnson, who plays the character Philip Kiriakis, left of his own accord earlier this week after being asked to take a voluntary pay cut in exchange for a contract renewal.

Longtime fans of the series are upset at the cast upheaval, with The Tampa Tribune noting loud fan protest on message boards devoted to the drama series. The New York Daily News told readers that next week there will be more news about the current budget situation facing the series, and more potential cast layoffs to be announced. Days publicist Daniela Mancinelli, after being contacted by Wikinews, said that she does not comment on the status of actors’ contracts.

Eek. And I thought I was crazy when I waited for 42 days for Episode I, with a group of friends. — IlyaHaykinson 23:36, 16 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Is this really news? Does some sad persons attempt to see a movie really justify being given international attention? (<– comment left by anonymous IP)

The article doesn’t tell you what city he’s in. You have to look at the reference and deduce that if it was reported in the Seattle (Washington, USA) newspaper, he must be in Seattle.

Basic law of journalism: Who, what, when, where and why. The where is definitely missing.

As for the why, well, when I saw it I thought – Wiki news is geeky news. Your readers will probably find this article amusing, because most of them really care about the next Star Wars movie. Even though I don’t, the article doesn’t bother me. Just get all the facts in, please. (<– comment from anonymous IP)

I can get the DVD for this movie at any store that sells DVD’s. What’s up with this guy? Did I miss something?

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Submitted by: Wilda Dimicco

Dedicated VPS Hosting from Atum is a cost-effective solution intended for enterprises that are looking for dedicated server performance for a little cost. As opposed to most VPS hosting providers, you can expect fully dedicated server solutions from Atum which boost your efficiency, speed, and uptime. Virtual Private Servers refer to multiple dedicated servers in a single robust physical server.

As soon as the physical server is divided, each logical server can easily run an operating system along with independent programs and benefits through conventional physical environments. Virtualization of dedicated server proves itself being the premium hosting solution. It’s not only the center of every single organization’s money-saving effort but market reports say that between 60% and 80% of IT departments are moving over to a virtual environment for dedicated servers.

YouTube Preview Image

By reducing the numbers and kinds of servers that support business applications, businesses are participating in numerous significant benefits. At Atum, we offer a customized solution designed for your unique business hosting needs. Virtual Private Servers are the perfect hosting solution for small to medium sized enterprises accompanied by the promise of superior performance, dependability, and cost optimization. We eliminate the need to invest in equipment to have enterprise level performing environment for servers. The VPS offers the exact same functionality and much more features as a higher priced dedicated server, all for a portion of cost. Why should you choose Atum? Because Atum is cost-effective. It’s got the same features and functionality of a dedicated server for less. Each VPS runs unique independent operating system executing the same amount of job as a physical stand-alone server.Have a look at our customized plans for dedicated server starting with just $39.

With a VPS hosting plan, you’ve got the ability to enjoy the control you desire from your server. Each VPS has its own operating system, web/mail/FTP support, programs, libraries, root access, setting files, storage, users as well as IP addresses. If needed, you can actually restart the server in less than 10 seconds contrary to a physical server that can take up to 20 minutes.

With dedicated VPS hosting, you are singled out and you do not go through the inconvenience of sharing information. You benefit from the advantages of outstanding response time, our speedy and knowledgeable tech support, customized dedicated server configurations, and much more control. We take accountability of your server. You can get rid of stress regarding your IT infrastructure and focus on your core business. We have all the hardware inside our Tier 3 facility and provide you with guaranteed 100% network uptime. You will never encounter a problem using your dedicated server which may put your business at a disadvantage. Efficiency is just not an area your organization should go through a drawback. Dedicated VPS hosting optimizes your dedicated server and databases assuring fast, dependable performance.

Your server experiences highest protection as well as speed running independently of its neighbours whilst you experience a growth in your business productivity. We possess an underlying architecture which modifies access points to counteract attacks. As Symantec partners, we operate to ensure that your server stay protected through performing vulnerability scans on a regular basis and monitoring the firewalls. Furthermore, we proactively monitor patches and carry out required updates designed to keep your server functioning 110%. With Atum, you’ll never worry about the secureness of your servers.

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Submitted by: Amy Hong

What are the things to think about for a handicapped accessible kitchen? Concentration just before kitchen remodeling should be on three things. The first one would be to focus on convenience for storage like cabinets and pantries. Subsequent is for space so a wheelchair can move without having blockage. The space in front of appliances as well as the side should be wide enough. The final is arranging the space for easy access to utensils, dishes along with other regularly used items. There are readily available wheelchair accessible roll below sinks and ovens which are actually targeted for long term independent living. By making basic kitchen modifications comfort, safety and mobility can be accomplished.

Kitchen remodeling should target for space enough for a wheelchair to move about. There should be a work triangle that is space in between the sink, the refrigerator and the stove. There’s a prescribed measurement for the sides of the triangle which is 4 feet with all the outer space to become 26 feet. One of the causes for kitchen remodeling may be the need to possess a comfortable space specially when there’s handicapped living in the home. When the kitchen feels restricted even to standard men and women then how much for an individual who has mobility difficulties. Modification of the layout would certainly make the kitchen more user-friendly. The change can involve moving an appliance, redesigning the counter or taking out cup boards that are as well big for the place can make a large distinction.

YouTube Preview Image

In some households, the kitchen is also a gathering location. Allow space for a wheelchair to fit in if there’s a kitchen table. If the handicapped likes to cook then this should be thought to be by lowering a countertop so he or she can reach for ingredients. The stove should be accessible also. The floor should strengthened to accommodate put on and tear of the wheels not to mention people traffic. Make sure that there is absolutely nothing that could impair the movement of the wheelchair.

A thorough evaluation of the existing kitchen should be created and then contemplate the convenience for the handicapped specially the floor. The floor should not simply aesthetically fantastic but strong to handle the each day wear and tear that it is subjected to. Well-liked kitchen flooring supplies are wood and tile. Wood exudes such a cosy feeling. The only downfall of a wooden floor may be the upkeep mainly because it needs polishing every single now and then. Ceramic or tile floors are the subsequent best selection. Upkeep is not as much as the wooden floor. Designs and colors can complement the kitchen decor and color scheme.

Kitchen remodeling for the handicapped can’t be such a gargantuan process. The foremost consideration is space for mobility. Oftentimes, removing a partition or an appliance can make the space bigger. Install countertops and tables that will provide comfort to the handicapped. Security is important so significant. Ahead of sitting down and making the kitchen remodeling strategy, look into this aspect and incorporate security measures not just for the handicapped but for the rest of the family members.

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Submitted by: Columbiafinancial Seo

Ybor City is considered the hub of bars and clubbing in the Tampa Bay Area. The Latin charm plus the contemporary number of dining establishments and activities ensure that it’s a perfect place to be on a date, especially an awesome first date. One of the more one of a kind Tampa Florida attractions, it provides the sorts of selections you can use to help make this a time to remember.

Firstly, Ybor City is centrally positioned and simple to access via just about anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Just take the 22nd Street Ybor City exit off Interstate 4. It s the one nearest to the junction with I-275. In the instance that you are traveling from the suburbs, MacDill AFB or even parts of St. Pete, you ll probably want to drive on the Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway and get off when you see the Ikea chain. There s a parking lot near 5th Avenue and 16th Street for those who cannot get parking on the way. My advice is to simply choose a parking space anywhere and walk.

YouTube Preview Image

Once you’re parked, you will find yourself in the middle of one of the most attractive communities in the area, Old Hyde Park. Here you can see several lovely traditional houses upon tree lined avenues. The core of Hyde Park Village is definitely the park. You will find a big water fountain, plenty of places to relax on the grass or on a seat and, should you be out on a Wednesday evening during the summer, listen to live music.

You can find a good collection of dining places available. You can get there early and do a little browsing at one of many top of the line shops which are located on the street first, and then go for supper? In case you lack the finances for it, they still are actually excellent places to do a bit of window shopping while you wander.

Soon after dinner, make the CineBistro your following stop. This is one of the more recent Tampa Florida attractions at only one year old and it is the latest idea in the local film world. As the name implies, you do not just head to the movies here! The moment you re on the inside you ll straightaway notice the big difference. There s an attractive bar and lounge area where you could prepare for a movie-going experience with a beer and snack, good service and a friendly atmosphere. You re bound to meet patrons since the conversation starter is obvious – everyone is there to view precisely the same movie. This theater also is a 21 and up establishment, therefore you won t be rivaling boisterous young people to check out the show. Within the movie theater, you will actually be sitting down on incredibly comfortable, standalone love seats, sufficient enough for a couple. There s an entire evening meal service offered and very attentive wait staff. Just place your order as soon as you re sitting, then they ll provide your food and cocktails before the show commences. Should you not need a full meal here, you can have dinner to begin with in Hyde Park Village, and then have a fabulous treat and watch the show.

About the Author: There are tons of Tampa Bay attractions (

) to discover. From amusement parks to beaches and nightlife, we bring you the best Tampa Bay activities for people of all ages.


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By Gabriel Adams

If youre looking to decorate your home, you should consider doing it in a country theme. This style has gained a lot of popularity recently, even as the world has become more urbanized. It can take years to redecorate your house, as you wait to find the perfect components for everything. But as long as youre consciously looking for ways to decorate your house, youll eventually get it done.

First you need to think about the main decorations of your house. This includes carpet, walls, doors, windows, curtains, and so forth. If youre really into the style, then you may be willing to replace your carpet or paint your walls. How much youre dedicated to your decorations will determine the amount of things you need to alter or replace. If youre trying to figure out how to decorate your home in a country style, then you can look at magazines that give decorating tips, or you could even look at vintage photographs of homes in the country to figure out exactly what they were decorated with.

YouTube Preview Image

Probably the most difficult part of decorating your home in a country fashion is actually finding all of the different decorations that will add to the overall effect. Although the style is currently popular, oftentimes you wont be able to find authentic decorations. Of course, you always have the option of making decorations yourself. You can find guides for making curtains, tablecloths, sheets, and all sorts of other decorations. All you need to do is pick out a fabric that you like, and get to work. If its homemade, it will add that much more authenticity to your country dcor. So if possible, look for homemade items or simply make them yourself.

Another great way to find old or vintage decorations is to go to thrift stores and auctions. Youd be surprised at the people who clean out their attics and find antique decorations. Usually they end up at one of those places. So if youve got a thrift store on the way to work, make a habit of stopping by once a week, so that you can catch all of the best decorations as soon as they come in. It will help even more if you make a wishlist of things that you feel will add a lot to your dcor, that way you know what to look for when you go in. Ebay could also be a good source of decorations if youre looking for something specific.

Redecorating your entire house can seem like a daunting task when you first consider it. But the trick is to break it down until youre just redecorating one item at a time you replace your tablecloth with a country-styled one, and youre a little bit closer to being completely done. If you try to do it all at once, youll break your budget and itll be a stressful experience. Country style can include any number of things, so just be aware at all times of what sort of improvements you could make.

About the Author:

Add That Touch of Country with T Maries Galleries Fine Art, Crafts and Country Pine Furniture



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Submitted by: Micheal Hill

Many future renters (and inspiring gourmet chefs) look for luxury apartment rentals in Alpharetta, GA with large kitchens for cooking up a storm. At AMLI North Point, AMLI’s newest luxury apartments in Alpharetta, the kitchens are expansive and provide plenty of counter space to whip up the next culinary masterpiece. In fact, many of the rentals in Alpharetta, GA available at AMLI North Point have large islands that are perfect for chopping, dicing, mixing, stirring, slicing and, well, serving up any meal.

Residents at AMLI’s newest rentals in Alpharetta,GA, AMLI North Point, may be looking for some cuisine inspiration to test out all of the ENERGY STAR appliances in their new kitchens. With that being said, we decided to list out some recipes that will not only put the stove and oven to the test, but your culinary skills as well.

Below are 10 recipes to try in the kitchen of your AMLI North Point apartment rentals in Alpharetta, GA:

1. Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells in a Lemon Sage Sauce

This tasty dinner sounds hard, but it’s super easy and will have your luxury apartment in Alpharetta smelling divine. This is the perfect dish to impress those who doubt how great of a cook you are. Even if your kitchen finesse isn’t quite up to par, it’s a pasta dish so it will still be simple to make.

2. Strawberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Attending a brunch and don’t want to bring the traditional cinnamon rolls or coffee cake? This is a perfect solution that will be sure to please even the pickiest palettes. Coffee and cheesecake’s can offer you the best opportunity to test out your baking skills and use that huge oven that’s in your rentals in Alpharetta, GA. Plus, this tasty dish will be yummy for days after – that is if it isn’t devoured beforehand!

YouTube Preview Image

3. Ground Beef Stew

Ok, so this is a crock-pot stew and doesn’t really need the use of any of your top-of-the-line appliances in your new AMLI luxury apartments in Alpharetta, but it just looked so delicious we decided you should go ahead and make it anyway. There’s no way to mess this up, so if you’re lacking in the serious kitchen skills, this is the recipe for you. Throw it in your crock-pot and eat it the next day.

4. Sweet Potato Casserole

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your luxury apartment in Alpharetta? This staple Turkey Day side dish is sure to impress all your guests! In addition to being absolutely delicious and somewhat healthy it will look like you spent hours and hours in the kitchen (And it really only takes an hour)! Make use of all the counter space in your luxury apartments in Alpharetta by making this sweet casserole.

5. BBQ Chicken Pie

If you are looking for something to serve to the carnivore in your life this is it! You can’t go wrong with BBQ and this main meal is BBQ heaven. Make your apartment rentals in Alpharetta, GA, smell delicious and be sure to make all your roommates, family members and guests salivate at the very smell and sight of this pie.

6. Citrus Grilled Halibut

So, if you have mastered chicken, beef and pork next is fish. Fish is tricky, but this healthy and tasty recipe is sure to please if you are willing to test it out in your ENERGY STAR oven at your AMLI homes for rent in Alpharetta. If you are looking for a dish to impress this is it.

7. The Baked Brownie

Going to a potluck and in charge of dessert? This is THE dessert to bring. This little recipe has been featured on Oprah and now it can be featured in your kitchen. Totally blow away your dessert competition by baking this brownie in your humongous luxury apartments in Alpharetta kitchen. It’s OK if you make a mess because these moist and decadent treats are worth it.

8. Apple Pie Moonshine

This is a drink, an adult beverage to be exact, but it still takes some cooking so we thought it would be worthy of trying. This tasty and smooth drink is perfect for a fall party or just because! Test out your stainless steel stove in your new luxury apartments in Alpharetta with this adult beverage (here’s our disclaimer: drink responsibly), which is sure to be a hit for every season and occasion.

9. Avocado Fries

Every Southerner loves anything fried, how about trying a tasty twist on fries by making some avocado fries. You can even call them healthy since avocadoes are a super food. Make your new kitchen in your AMLI rentals in Alpharetta, GA, smell Southern with these yummy sides.

10. Grilled Chicken

Grilling is the perfect summer meal. Try out this delicious grilled chicken on one of our grill pits by our community pool. It will make the perfect outdoor meal to have in our luxury apartments in Alpharetta. Plus there really isn’t a way you can mess it up!

There are our 10 recipes to test out all the new appliances and gadgets in the homes for rent in Alpharetta, GA. Let us know what your favorite recipes to get your kitchen dirty are!

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Submitted by: Meg Brown

A locksmiths work before some years was not as tedious as it is today. It was just about the traditional pin-tumbler method locks. But these days with all the hi-tech security systems there is a lot a locksmith needs to know, it s not just a small area to concentrate it is almost a sort of engineering. It requires a proper locksmith training, knowhow, creativity, ability and the aptitude to be a successful professional locksmith.

A locksmith job is not as easy as sitting in a servicing shop and carrying out his works. Since work is related to locks and doors and security a locksmith has to visit the place of his client and carry out his work. Keeping a van or a service vehicle is also as essential. At times the profession becomes demanding. One has to rush at odd hours for certain emergencies like the lock outs. Because of the competition and with newer and complicated systems being introduced a locksmith needs proper locksmith training from reputed centres. There are some locksmith courses that provide full support in setting up of business and establishing contacts.

The most customary services and knowhow that the locksmith training Newcastle and the locksmith training north east teach to the aspiring locksmiths during the locksmith courses

1.About various tools and using them

2.About various locks and their functions

YouTube Preview Image

3.Replacing broken or defective keys

4.Attending Locked out calls

5.Making replacing and repairing keys

6.Lock picking and fitting

7.Night latch and fitting them

8.Various latest security systems and technologies

9.How to set up business and provide A grade services

10.UPVC doors and padlock opening

11.Contacts of various contractors and people who can we you work

Apart from all these customary training a locksmith needs the virtue of patience and a great hand to eye coordination. Also being polite while dealing with people trapped in emergency situations is a major skill that can build or break the reputation of a locksmith. Locksmith training Newcastle provides training for making a great locksmith and also gives professional help and tips on conducting business. Having a locksmith training centre very near to your place gives an added advantage and you can be all the more dedicated while pursuing it. Enrolling to the locksmith courses ensures an aspiring locksmith learns all the ropes of the trade for a successful career.

Students who want to establish themselves as professional locksmiths and get a lot of work in the industry need to make sure that they build a good reputation and maintain a lot of contacts and remain in the good books of the dealers and warrant work providers. The students of the Locksmith training north east who take the locksmith training get to promote themselves using the locksmith association name and can use it and the logo on the service vans. It builds up trust and repute for grown and getting good locksmithing work assignments apart from manuals and tool kits pertaining to the profession.

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Submitted by: Yugo Mendez

The Bass Guitar (sometimes known as electric bass, or perhaps the bass) is usually a stringed instrument is usually played with the tips of your fingers or perhaps the thumb (no matter whether by means of thumping, popping, tapping, plucking, as well as slapping ), or just using the plectrum.

Generally, the bass guitar can be compared with the designs as well as features to an electric guitar, although with a longer neck of the guitar as well as scale size, and also has 4 up to half a dozen guitar strings. The 4 stringed bass is one of the most common, and is typically tuned like to the double bass, which match the pitches of a single octave lower than the 4 lower strings of any guitar (E, A, D, and also G).

The bass guitar is often a transposing instrument, since it sounds a little bit notated to prevent excessive ledger lines. The same as the electric guitar, the electric bass guitar is actually attached in to an amplifier and also to a speaker for shows.

YouTube Preview Image

Since the 1950s, the electric bass guitar has predominantly succeeded the double bass in famous music in the tempo section. Because the types of basslines accomplished by the bass guitarist contrast extensively from style of tunes to a new one, the bass guitarist fulfils a comparable part for most sorts of songs: anchoring the harmonic structure and also starting the beat.

Your bass guitar works extremely well in several varieties of music including punk rock, metal, rock, blues, pop, jazz, as well as country. It s utilized as being a soloing instrument for the purpose of Latin, jazz, fusion, funk, as well as in rock and heavy metal kinds.

Bass guitars are generally constructed from wood. This type of guitar has many of major sections including the body, guitar neck, fingerboard, frets, and guitar strings. Bass guitars frequently have four strings, tuned to E, A, G, D.

They are either used a plectrum (some players choose the bass pick that is definitely bigger than a typical plectrum) or perhaps by finger picking. Bass guitars also come in a number of main variations, the electric bass as well as the acoustic bass. You can also find acoustic-electric bass guitars today.

Because of its flexibility, convenience, and also the undeniable fact that you can use it to play nearly every kind of songs, the guitar is among the most widely used instruments to learn how to play. Guitar Playing is just so cool that it s so popular.

Regardless of whether you are interested in country, folk, jazz, rock, or even any variety of other musical types, learning how to play guitar can provide you with a chance to play and perform your chosen songs, and even create a number of your own.

Bass guitar lessons are available nowadays on the internet. Online Guitar Lessons is often rather good for those who would prefer to learn at your home making use of their computers. Visit us for our Online Guitar Lessons. Make use of our high quality tips and hints and become the best among the best guitar players!

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about imageBlockquotes anyone? Lorem ipsum in blockquotes anyone? Lorem ipsum blockquotes anyone? Now we are talking!