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5 Ways An Online Freight Exchange Transforms Transportation


Norman Dulwich

The genius of transportation work lies in its simplicity. You simply need to move goods from one destination to another at an agreed price. While over the centuries this action has take on many different forms and shapes, in recent years modern advancements have added their own flavour to this most essential of tasks.

Broad coverage with a single click

Making your presence felt in any industry is vital, whether or not you are a giant or a minnow in your field. A freight exchange transforms marketing in transportation by giving even small businesses a chance to access thousands and tens of thousands of potential clients with a simple post. This kind of coverage was rare to impossible in times past, certainly with such simplicity.

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Rapid contact with partners

A freight exchange aids that essential factor of transportation work communication. There has always been a need to make and maintain contact with clients, partners and agents in this field. But there is only so much efficiency in the use of phone calls. The capacity to utilise online instant messaging tools allows you to make sharp contact when and whenever you need it. This is vital because you need to manage several clients and multiple routes at a time to remain at the cutting edge of this fast paced and competitive industry.

Timely elimination of return loads

Return loads have always been a thorny issue in transportation. No carrier desires to be stuck with the dead mileage of an empty vehicle returning to home base. An online freight exchange is innovative in that it gives you the chance to quickly contact potential clients (even when your vehicle has left the depot) and organise a rapid filling of your return load. The online technology at your fingertips and access to a broad market allows you to work quickly like never before.

Real-time tracking and contact

It has always been important in the haulage business to keep track of your goods and maintain constant and efficient contact with your delivery crew. This has, in the past, come down to phones and paper check-in systems. But now, with GPS tracking, real-time messaging and online chat, a freight exchange can keep you signed in with your partners and workers in such a tight manner that you have greater control over your cargo.

Simplified billing and paperwork

No matter how fast you can arrange a route, you will need to take time to fill in the necessary paperwork. Communication about quotes, routes, licenses and contracts has always detracted from time spent on route management or marketing your business. Now online technology provides the tools necessary to make this process much simpler. Instant quotes, secure online billing and e-forms give users a chance to streamline the entire process to achieve maximum efficiency.

Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the world’s largest neutral trading hub for haulage work in the express

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industry. Over 2,500 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe ‘wholesale’ environment.

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