Ten Top Nurse Positions To Consider

September 15, 2017 2:00 am

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By Karen P Williams

Many people who are considering a career as a nurse, don’t realize just how many different types of nurse positions there are out there. This article will highlight 10 of the more desirable positions, and why they are desirable. Just relax, and have a good read!

1. Employee Health Nurse

This is on of the more ‘seeked’ nursing jobs, specifically because it is performed, for the most part, on-site at a company’s location. If the company works with bio-hazards, you might have to work some late nights while ‘on call’. Part of the reason why this is attracted to nurses, is due to the easy schedule.

2. Family Birthplace Nurse

Nurses who love birthing are perfect fits for these locations. A family birthplace is a bit more intimate than a traditional facility within a hospital or medical center. All focus is on the mother to be, baby to be and the respective family. Personality has a lot to do with this job; must love people!

3. Medical Nurse – Rural Community

Working as a nurse in a rural community not only offers set hours, for the most part, but also can be quite rewarding in other ways. Being there for your patients is a 24-hour gig, however.

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4. Surgery Nurse

Surgery is a refined area of medical practice, and being a surgery nurse is very crucial to the success of each surgery. This is not for faint-hearted nurses at all!

5. Camp Nurse

Summer time brings many lasting memories, and on of them could be made by you, in the life of a boy or girl who attends camp and endures, for example, a bee sting. A highly rewarding nursing position.

6. School Nurse

Working with children can either make you constantly ill, or build your immune system, depending. The reward is that you get to work with children of all ages, by helping to educate them about taking care of themselves as well as putting those bandages on.

7. Hospice Nurse

People in hospice are there for mostly recovery reasons, but also due to long-term illness. It takes a special kind of nurse to fit in as a hospice nurse. A sense of humor is required often with this job.

8. Pediatric Nurse

This is a wonderful job for men and women who love children. Even if you don’t have any of your own, you can appreciate children better through helping them out with their medical needs.

9. Emergency Room Nurse

The thrill and excitement of the ER is there, for the asking. This kind of position is in high demand for nurses who also happen to be adrenaline junkies! Still, it can be psychologically draining; be forewarned.

10. Personal Nurse

Mostly elderly, often young people, and sometimes others require the attention of a personal nurse in his or her life. No matter what the condition, this position offers a more intimate nurse-patient relationship, and is normally performed round the clock, so the pay it usually higher than with a medical nursing job.

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